Quickly Building Arm Size

Quickly Building Arm Size

Arms, quickly filling out your sleeves, let's be clear, one aspect of arm training,
it may be possible to build large arms with three sets of biceps and three sets of 
triceps exercises, but it hasn't often been done. To build arms, really build them, 
you need to work on a regular basis using about 10 to 15 sets for biceps and 
10 to 15 sets for triceps, minimum. Some experts may disagree with this and 
 one day there will be a concentrated training method that can activate the 
 muscle fibres of the arms with just one set of exercises.

Ultimately, technology may allow us to "hit them" completely with a few seconds of exhausting stimulation, but until someone invents it, be prepared to perform plenty
of quality sets and reps.

It is a good idea to work the upper arms with at least one heavy exercise and
one or two lighter, pumping movements. For the biceps, the best heavy or "quality"
movements are;
  1. Barbell curls
  2. Incline dumbbell curl.
  3. Seated dumbbell curl

For triceps, the best heavy or "quality" movements are:

1. Close-grip EZ curl bar bench press
2. Parallel bar dips
3. Lying triceps barbell stretch

It is recommended that you begin your biceps and triceps routines with one of
 these quality exercises.

There is one triceps exercise that virtually everybody uses in his routine, no doubt
 it is such a favourite because it seems like such a "Pure" exercise. Right now
 there is no single champion who does not use it regularly. The stress is pretty
even throughout the movement, and no appreciable balance is needed to perform
 a set. Although this isolation exercise is popular and gets you a good pump,
it is not a size builder in the sense of a combination or "natural" exercise such
 as the close-grip bench press or the parallel bar dip. As on expert said
"You want big triceps? go for parallel bar dips, when you can do 20 reps with
 a 100-pound dumbbell hanging from your waist.

After you have been weight training for a while, you will find that certain arm
exercises seem to be giving results, while others just don't. If you think nothing
 much is happening, then your observations are probably correct. Especially
avoid any exercises that give you pain or discomfort in the elbow region.
There are several triceps movements which can contribute to tendinitis in the
 elbow. You must immediately stop using such an exercise or else cut down
 drastically on the weight you are using. Let's assume you have worked up to
6 reps with 120 pounds in the lat-machine press downs exercises, but the pain
 is unbearable. Either stop the exercise entirely or push it to the end of your arm
 routine and merely perform a few pumping sets or 20 reps with a far lighter

Apart from proportion, there are four vital qualities that make up a great arm;

1. You need size; this includes thickness and roundness from the top of the arm near the shoulder to the bottom near the elbow.
2. You need good shape, which is largely hereditary, think Arnold Schwarzenegger for example.
3. You need separation, the distinct delineation of the various muscles
 that make up an arm.
4. You need vascularity and definition. The skin must be "thin" with a low
 fat percentage. Veins grow in size along with the arms, especially if plenty
of pumps are achieved in your workouts.

Remember to shock your workout routine, if you usually start arm routines with
 barbell curls, you may consider suddenly switching to starting with chins, or even concentration curls. Altering your arm training angels from time to time, for
example try dumbbell curling with palms facing upwards one day, and the next
day do it with your palms facing inwards. Can you change the shape of your arms?
 well yes and no. It is possible to add shape to your triceps by working, say the
 outer triceps section very hard. This will give an attractive appearance to the
 arm, especially when it is in the straight or "hang" position. Alternatively, you
 can add impressiveness through exercises that work the lower triceps near the

The biceps are a little more stubborn. For example, by working the lower biceps
 on a shallow angle Scott bench, you will "lengthen" the biceps only slightly, and
by training hard on concentration peak - concentration curls, you will slightly
 increase the height of your biceps. In short, you cannot significantly change your
inherited arm shape.

The following are a selection of Biceps Exercises, alternate between them during
 your arm routines.
 The incline dumbbell curl
 Barbell Curl
 Alternate dumbbell curl
 Concentration Curl
 Scott curls
 Standing dumbbell curls
 Flat Bench lying dumbbell curl
 Under grip close hand chin

The following are exercises that work the triceps area
  Close grip bench press
  Parallel BAR DIPS
  Press downs on lat machine
 Single arm dumbbell triceps stretch
 Bent over triceps kickbacks
 Seated triceps dumbbell extension
 Lying triceps stretch
 Bent over lat machine extensions

For details on each exercise, please visit the Smart Physical Workout site,
exercises section for details on each exercise. It's up to you on how to fill out
 those sleeves, here is to good pumping.


Juan-Pierre Claasen

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